You realize you need a website,but do you have a clear focus and plan on what exactly that web presence will entail? Use this survey to explain your project needs and help focus on what the the final goals and intended message of your web design and/or marketing project should be


Web Design and Marketing Project Tool

You may need to skip some questions. Feel free, but pay attention to what questions stump you or you don't have clear responses to. These are likely areas into which some further thought should be invested or market and competitive research should be pursued.

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  • Required Technical Components

  • In the address: , is the DOMAIN NAME
  • Hosting - Where is Your Website Stored?

  • About You

  • Applicable only if your address is to listed on website or if you will require domain registration and/or directory listings
  • Upload a copy of your logo or current business card here
  • Your Goals | Audience

  • Age, Gender, Location, Technical Expertise - be as specific in your target demographic as possible
  • i.e. Make a purchase, Learn about your Brand, Contact You/Lead Generation etc.