"Hosting with Sunforged Studios has been the easiest part of my website-building experience. Josh has always been readily available to answer any questions I ever had, which made the whole process and ongoing building needs simple, non-frustrating, and delay-free. Sunforged Studios provides me with continuously friendly and patient, excellent service, even the several times my questions are moronic. Because of their help, my website looks and functions far better than it would if I was on my own with one of the better-known hosting providers. In fact, I plan on switching my other hosting account to Sunforged Studios in a couple of months when it expires at its current big-name provider. I've never experienced any down-time with Sunforged Studios, and the service has been beyond compare. If excellent service and high quality are important to you, I don't think you can find any better."

− DJ Nash - NW Georgia Voice

"Joshua is highly recommended. Any company would be lucky to have a leader with such vision and skill"

− Patty Inglish, MS

"Joshua is considered an SEO guru among his peers and friends, which area spread across the entire planet. He is also a very talented artist and photographer, and writes professionally for several websites. He understands affiliate marketing better than most any other person I have known. I highly recommend Joshua as a go-to professional for all things internet, whether building a site, or education in affiliate marketing of any kind, or anything to do with SEO. I also highly recommend and endorse Joshua's many other talents as an artist, photographer, and website designer. This man will do it right, with strong design and layout skills, as well as strong positioning and rating"

− Daniel Carter

"Joshua has advised me on a wide range of complex WordPress related issues over the past two years. I've always found his knowledge to be second to none and on the odd occasion that he can't pull an answer out of his seemingly endless pool of knowledge he has always gone out of his way to find one. I've also seen his end product when hired for web design services (used my associates of mine several times) and have always been very impressed with the way that he creates something unique, the difference between hiring a technical expert and a technically skilled artist (which is what you get with Josh) "

− Ryan Kett


− Aya Katz - Inverted A Press


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