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Sunforged Media Group

is first and foremost a team. Created by Joshua Gallagher, a Visual Artist and Highly Qualified Conversion Marketing Specialist, the team consists of experts in online marketing, web page development, copywriting and printing

Some of us live and breathe code and technology while others are born salespeople who know how to connect with everyday clients in the offline market. We like to consider it the best of all worlds. Creatives, Web Geeks and Marketers all united in one creative task force. We have more than ten years of experience in the Printing, Graphic Design and Advertising Design Fields.

We don’t build dreams, We make dreams reality…

Our metrics and conversion focused approach to your initial build and ongoing marketing, makes us accountable and capable to continue to improve your profitability, visibility and conversions .. and maybe even have some fun along the way!

We believe that by creating quality, detail driven services that increase our clients profits we can build life long partnerships. After ten years, it seems this philosophy is proving to be a wise one. We are selective in bringing in new clients, our services are very personal and involved and we enjoy working with businesses and services of all sizes and budgets.

Joshua Gallagher | Project Manager

Josh has a background of more than 14 years working in the Graphic Design and Media industry, during which he worked for multiple non-profits and small business development programs that allowed him to be on the ground floor of many successful entrepreneurial ventures as a Designer, Promotions Expert and Community Activist. This hands on experience with small business owners has proven invaluable as Sunforged Media has grown and stayed abreast of the new climate created by the digital age. Eventually his entrepreneurial spirit got the best of him and he moved away from contract positions in the Advertising and Design fields and expanded Sunforged Media into an international and fully comprehensive service based business.

Josh loves to see people succeed and gets a kick out of exposing clients to many of the new opportunities made available by the online world. As an Affiliate Marketer, Josh, gets the unique opportunity to market and design websites for hundreds of different brands and niches. This leads to a very uncommon understanding of how visitors interact with sales and informational content across many demographics and verticals. Such a background is nearly unheard of in a traditional Designer and Website developers practical experience

Driven by a passion to explore and discover, Josh spends a good part of his time learning and researching and stays very current with industry findings and technological advancements which translates to being able to provide the fastest. most intuitive and yet fully comprehensive packages for your business needs.

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