Is Facebook Hurting Your Business – Social Media as a Contact Point

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You have to have a Facebook Page!


Im sure you have read this hundred’s of times in small business marketing advice articles.

I don’t disagree.

But, Simply “having”  a Facebook Page is not the end of the journey.

Consumers and your potential leads are increasingly turning to Social Media as a means to investigate your business before firing the trigger on a sale or request for service.

Utilizing your Facebook Page to the max and keeping it updated with relevant industry news to show your expertise and sales, offers and updates to keep them coming back can only help you.

But what about the flipside to this situation? 


Is your Facebook Business Page a Ghost Town?

Competitive analysis and SEO/ Web Presence Audits are a part of my daily routine. I have been increasingly surprised at the shambles many brands, even ones of considerable size and reputation often leave their Facebook pages in.

When customers find your Facebook Business Page, they expect that it is a legitimate contact point. When information is outdated and the layout is not up to par with the “recent” updates to the Facebook platform, this reflects very poorly on your business.

I frequently see businesses with pages full of messages – requests for phone calls, complaints, mediocre reviews that go unanswered by the administrators of the pages. It isn’t the customers job to judge whether your page is properly monitored!

If a Customer or lead accesses you via a more “traditional” contact point such as email, a dedicated web contact form or a phone call – How long do you feel is acceptable to leave them waiting for a return on that request.

A few hours within the business day, 24 hours .. more?

Leaving a possible lead or client foundering on your Facebook page is disastrous to your image. People will notice. They will never tell you … because they have already moved on to your competitors to fulfill their needs.

Does your page lack “Fans” – that doesn’t look to good either, does it?

Get that Facebook URL into your company email signature and add it to printed marketing materials, get those creative juices flowing and create a promotion or reason for customers and potential clients to “like” and follow your social presence. The return on investment can be huge when done properly.

Social Media is a very powerful tool but it can turn on you …

I get it … you went through the motions and set up your Google+ account, a Twitter account and a Facebook page … just like you were told to

But that is not the end of the process.

Take the time to fill out each profile to the best of your ability. Use the About options offered at Facebook, connect your address to Google+ and Facebook to encourage “check-ins” and help your Local Search visibility.

Most importantly get in the habit of setting up a schedule of checking your social contact points and updating them.  

Wont ever have the time or inclination?

If you can only do this weekly or monthly – why not say that on the profile?

Let your clients know that these aren’t monitored contact points, point out a location that would be preferable.

Hire an intern …. give the task to an administrative task – see if one of your employees has a teenager that would take a small fee to post updates based on a script you create each week or month and can alert you when a customer is left hanging.


There is a solution as long as you actually recognize the issue exists.

Monitor Your Social Presence!

Get in the habit of doing a search for your own brand name, check out all the first page returns, if their is 3rd part directory sites and social media appearing, make sure you can administer and respond to anything customers might post.


It will make a huge difference!

Remember, Facebook is not “set and forget”

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