Introduction to Search Optimization for Small Business Owners

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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization for Business Owners

Many Business Owners have more important things to do with their time than learn the language and intricacies of Search Engine Optimization.

The Search Engine Optimization Specialists here at Sunforged Media understand that.

We specialize in Search Engine Optimization so you don’t have to.

Some of the factors we introduce below  may expose why your last web developer  failed to create a product for you that resulted in the targeted, converting leads that you require in order to focus on what you do well, your own business, or what you should be asking about and considerate of when starting development on a new project.


The Nuts and Bolts of what SEO Methodology may be utilized to increase your visibility and success


Page Speed Optimization



Back in 2010, Google Officially Recognized that Page Speed is a recognized ranking factor in the Algorithm that defines Search Engine Result’s Placement (SERP’s) i.e. How you rank in Google for the terms you want to be visible for. Its direct impact as a factor amongst over 200 factors is limited but it’s effects on Usability and parallel effects caused by frustrated visitors clicking back, leaving your site quickly and never being exposed to your message can be massive.

As we as internet users become more accustomed to faster and faster connection speeds our patience for slow loading sites has been increasing.

We can evaluate your site for programming errors, over-use of 3rd party scripts, extraneous or improperly organized content and poorly optimized images. An audit of this type can make considerable positive change to your potential clients experience on your site and greatly increase your ROI from your online presence.


Information Architecture


Building upon a strong Information Architecture (IA) at the onset of your project is ideal.

During the planning phase of your site development, initially dedicating some time to anticipating for the growth of your content and your business within your information architecture structure can save you countless hours and dollars spent on organizational fees in the future.


Information Architecture relates to the often forgotten aspect of search, “Scannability” , before a Search engine can rank your content it must find, scan and understand it.

Creating an intelligently organized site which allows and controls how search engine spiders access your site is a certain requirement.

At a technical level, this can speak to properly managing your site structure via,

  • domain – subdomain
  • categories
  • types of content
  •  media

so that is easily recognized and understood. Also using 301 and 302 redirects correctly, limiting orphan pages, 404 pages,  and  interlinking your content in a manner that helps your visitor and makes semantic sense.

URL structure on your page should be understandable, consistent and utilize semantic relationship whenever possible. As of recent development, proper use of canonical tags has become imperative to avoid  inefficient and possibly confusing duplicity across your domain.

In brief, A proper Information Architecture system will allow your pages to be indexed quicker and correctly.

On Site / On Page Optimization


In a similar vein as Information Architecture, strong on page optimization stems from properly describing and laying out your pages and site in a manner that semantically describes your content. At the most basic level, this will involve using descriptive terms to describe your images, at the file level, directory level and using the alt tag appropriately. This is especially appropriate for images as the visual content can not be “scanned” by spiders and bots so search engines must rely on textual descriptions.

Using Heading tags to organize the hierarchy of your content around your keyword terms.   (Title -> H1 -> H2 -> H3)

The skill and challenge comes in not only knowing the proper placement and usage of keywords to optimize a page or site but also in properly selecting the keywords that will perform, draw in and interest your target visitor.

Although, usage of your target terms and related synonyms are great tools for identifying the purpose of your page and site, over-use or unnatural activities intended to fool or mislead the search engines and your visitors can be damaging to your site. Natural, appropriate organization and language is necessary. Creating the appropriate balance between “find-ability” for search engines and “readability” for your human visitors is an art.

Whether we are creating landing pages to sell your physical products or helping to position an entire site. On Page Optimization and discovering what terms to market and optimize around are  integral to your long term online success.

Keyword Analysis


When performing Keyword Analysis of your current or planned site, utilizing an intelligent and experienced Researcher and Optimizer can make the difference between 10 visits a day and 10,000.  But despite, what common sense may assume, pure volume of traffic should not be the ultimate goal. Utilizing a skilled SEO for your keyword analysis will allow you to focus on developing your traffic around the types of searches and visitors that convert. Whether your capturing leads for your Mortgage Loan Company, offering physical goods via ecommerce or doing online reservations for your restaurant,  precise and focused keyword selection can contribute to reaching the untapped market that is already actively searching what you have to offer.

Keyword Analysis is also important in regards to gauging your competition in your chosen space and working to beat them in visibility in the top rankings.

We can utilize paid test campaigns to judge the value of  target terms before fully committing to a keyword optimization strategy for your business and use advanced tracking to truly understand the behavior, value and conversion rate of target keyword terms

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Integration is no longer an optional element in a SEO campaign, it is a requirement. As the leading search engines rely more on social triggers, branded identity, authorship and trustrank, an active presence on major Social Networks with an engaged audience can do wonders both directly and indirectly.

An engaged audience can quickly spread your content and message and having your finger on the pules of near instant feedback assists greatly  in molding your message and application in a manner that can reap the most rewards.

Link Building


Link Building is often seen as the backbone of SEO. We can provide the strategy and tools to access and create strong related links within other Authority’s within your industry or niche.  In conjunction with Social Media, an Intelligent, Entertaining, Quality driven Content marketing plan and our Professional network we can help your site gain the links it deserves using traditional content syndication, social interaction and innovative special projects distinct to your business.

Links are still very important to a sites overall health, but the Spammy, cheap and irrelevant methodology lesser SEO services may provide have quickly become a bane rather than a boost to the health of your Business.

Video Marketing


Video Marketing is a clear necessity to stay competitive and smart in  the online market. Regarding on-site video  it has been reported that, Blog posts incorporating video attract 3 times as many inbound links as blog posts without video. Video usage on site leads to increased page view length. Video creates a stronger sense of Authority with the visitor and viewers who watch product videos are 40% more likely to make a  purchase.
Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and up to 69% of traffic on certain networks. This is projected to continue to grow exponentially as high Speed wireless and data plans continue to drop in price and speed on the major carriers. According to Google, Video will soon be 90% of all internet traffic!

Video results are quick to display in blended results on traditional SERP’s and have higher click through than traditional listings.

It is foolish to ignore the power of video based content on your site and video marketing across the web.

The above is intended to give you an overview of the comprehensive nature of what a Search Engine Optimizer is concerned with and to introduce you to some fundamental concepts to bring up with your web designer or to mull over during your own development process.

If you are considering a new Web Development project and you have the budget and energy for a comprehensive and powerful presence, I do encourage you to utilize our Website Planning Tool

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